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Dating quiz, snatched from aerynalexander

Your dating personality profile:

Athletic - Physical fitness is one of your priorities. You find the time to work athletic pursuits into your schedule. You enjoy being active.
Stylish - You do not lack for fashion sense. Style matters. You wouldn't want to be seen with someone who doesn't care about his appearance.
Wealthy/Ambitious - You know what your goals are and you pursue them vigourously. Achieving success is important to you.
Your date match profile:

Practical - You are drawn to people who are sensible and smart. Flashy, materialistic people turn you off. You appreciate the simpler side of living.
Shy - You are put off by people who are open books. You are drawn to someone who is a bit more mysterious. You want to draw him out of his shell and get to know what he is all about.
Conservative - Forget liberals, you need a conservative match. Political discussions interest you, and a conservative will offer the viewpoint you need.
Your Top Ten Traits

1. Athletic
2. Stylish
3. Wealthy/Ambitious
4. Adventurous
5. Conservative
6. Big-Hearted
7. Intellectual
8. Religious
9. Sensual
10. Outgoing
Your Top Ten Match Traits

1. Practical
2. Shy
3. Conservative
4. Big-Hearted
5. Adventurous
6. Athletic
7. Intellectual
8. Stylish
9. Religious
10. Traditional

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I need not go on.


OMG I'M AN RA!!!!!