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I'm sleepy. I went to bed last night at 3 and got up at 9. Six hours isn't enough. Especially on a Saturday. I'm supposed to be promoting ERAU, specifically on-campus housing, and here I am in the housing office updating my journal. Need to recuperate; all my energy has been spent. I'd take a nap after I'm done up here, but it's really hard for me to sleep in the middle of the day unless I'm sick. Come back, energy!

At least I only have to be here 2 more hours. I should definitely try to get some homework done. I've been slacking lately; need to stop doing that in a real bad way. Got to start thinking about formal lab report and report/presentation for PS 295.

It's snowing like whoa.

Movies are $1 for ERAU students at the globe theater. I may see what's playing, then grab Peter and head out there. Think I'll check showtimes now and then go back to promoting housing.
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