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World's funniest blond joke

Yesterday was a GOOD day. I had so much going my way - it totally wasn't fair, lol. Ever been ready to give up, only to have something happen that reignites your passion? That happened with the Mr. ERAU pageant. We didn't have any judges (well, we had one) or contestants or anything, and then I get a call for me to come out to Housing and talk to 2 Mr. ERAU contestants... TWO!! And they're both VERY excited and want to recruit. That got me all pumped again and I recruited a total of 2 definite judges and 3 maybes. Plus, my (pink!) iPod mini came and h72387 outdid himself again. And get this (but don't tell SCEF) - WE WILL BE GOING TO NACURH! Housing will make sure of it. ::bounces:: I'm so excited!

Might have differential equations test tomorrow. The wrestlers are going out of town, so they asked if it could be moved to Monday. Dr. Thomas has to ask the other section; we'll know today. ::crosses fingers:: I've been so busy with other things that I really haven't had time to study, and this would give me something to do over the weekend. Seriously, my weekends are like, dead. Everything in my life happens during the week.

Well I'm going to get ready for class and then head down for breakfast. Mmm, breakfast...
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